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Ultimate Custom Night for Android

Fifty creepy robot-like creatures called animatronics came together to embitter your life when you play the new part of FNAF series known as Ultimate Custom Night. This title is more like a crossover of all previous parts and all the presented creatures are customizable. A player can make them as angry and smart as he wants ranging the complexity level from 1 to 20. The most difficult part of the game is that every monster has his own behavior and strategies to reach you, so you will have to be attentive and try to keep them all in mind. If you try to use your reactions to follow the animatronics, you won’t manage it. When you start playing Ultimate Custom Night, you will soon realize that this horror game is more technically difficult than scary. Gladly, you are the one to decide how difficult it is going to be and your mission is just to survive a single night noticing monsters before they scare you to death and closing the right entrances that lead to the place you are in. However, even with an option to change the settings, the game is still complicated. It is even ridiculously complicated and sometimes you will think that the main purpose is to make you rather angry than scared.

On the one hand, it is pretty nice that all characters are so unique and have mini-stories behind them. You will surely have fun when solving their patterns. At the same time, we guarantee that your head will start spinning around very soon. So make sure to get an advantage of the ability to adjust the settings and remember – it is all right to choose the easiest mode. You won’t get too bored!