FNAF 7 Ultimate Custom Night Game Play Online

The game Ultimate Custom Night saw the world on the 27th of June, 2018 as a free title on Game Jolt and Steam. The genre of UCN can be described as a survival horror based on the point-&-click interface. The game’s author, Scott Cawthon, is famous for releasing Five Nights at Freddy’s, which is the 1st part of Ultimate Custom Night.

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In this game there are fifty animatronic characters with various complexity levels from 0 to 20 from all parts of Five Nights at Freddy’s to choose from. Once the process starts, the player is trapped in a room at night all alone and his task is to keep an eye on the environment tracking doors, fan systems, plenums and other objects to escape animatronics’ attack. There are such helpful items as “Faz tokens” and “Death coins” which provide a player with power ups and ability to kill the enemies. The only character you cannot use a “Death coin” on is Golden Freddy. If you do, the jump scare will leap out instantly.

Also, there is a number of rooms/offices and sixteen different trials to choose from. The night’s duration is 4 minutes and 30 seconds. The amount of points a player receives after a level depends on the number of enemies he coped with and the difficulty level of each of those enemies. A certain amount of points unlocks additional scenes in the stylistic of anime. There is also a FNAF character DeeDee that shows up suddenly as well as 6 other characters that are absent in the animatronics menu. On the highest difficulty levels (50/20), DeeDee’s shadow can invoke them all. If this happens, the animatronics attack a player all together and it becomes really difficult to deal with them. In such case a “DeeDee Repel” should be activated, which is the only way to defeat the enemies and survive. A player receives the maximum amount of points (10,600) when overcoming this group of enemies. There are also silvery, golden and brazen Freddy figures given to players in case of successful level passing. The brazen one appears when you get 8,000 scores, the silvery figure needs 9,000, and the golden one appears in case you defeat the 50/20 challenge with DeeDee and her group.

Scott Cawthon also released Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator in 2018 and made a post on Steam with a request for help from large game issuers so that he could make more games. Later, he also pinpointed his plans about creating the game Ultimate Custom Night with more than fifty animatronic characters gathered from the previous series of his titles. The tentative date of Ultimate Night’s release was the 8th of August, however, the author claimed in his another post that he is ready to publish the game on the 5th of July. A few days later, Cawthon changed his decision and announced the new date – the 29th of June, 2018. The author also claimed that he was planning to release the game earlier but the reason for a delay was his promise to Lewis Dawkins (a YouTuber) that he is going to wait until Lewis comes back from his vacations. Ultimate Custom Night was successfully accepted by the audience. The players claimed that this title is intriguing, customizable, and well-done. Also, most of them appreciated that this game was made on the basis of classical horror games.