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Nothing makes a new game better than improving the previous parts and making everything customizable, because fans do like hybrids. This is how Scott Cawthon, the author of FNAF, thought when releasing his Ultimate Custom Night (which is already downloadable on Steam for free). In Ultimate Custom Night, you are encouraged to adjust the monster-animatronics and levels of difficulty to your own preference. Soon you will find the perfect balance between making the game manageable but not dull. The nice strategy is to mix the characters you already can cope with. If you are new to Ultimate Custom Night, make sure to avoid choosing the enemies that are too powerful –  you will try them out later. Like in all the previous titles of FNAF, in Custom Night you appear in the office alone, where a bunch of bizarre animatronics attack you. Watch the air hoses and the doors all the time to react before you get scared to death. While trying survive under the pressure of 50 monsters, you can take 16 different challenges, earning coins, and obtaining helpful tools. You can also buy additional game features like new room skins and videos.