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FNAF in Roblox

Famous for his masterpiece series called Five Nights at Freddy’s, Scott Cawthon released a new one – Ultimate Custom Night in Roblox. This title comes from one of the previous games and in this new part, you will have to face 50 animatronics. Some of them are already familiar to the fans, while the others are new. In the game, you appear in the office room again and your task is to watch the doors and other possible entrances to avoid animatronics’ attacks. There are helpful tools that will keep monsters away like music box, generator, heater and more. As we have already said, there are 50 characters to choose from and adjust the settings, mixing and combining various features, including the difficulty level. The complexity varies from 0 to 20. The higher the complexity is, the angrier your enemy will be.

Also, there are sixteen types of challenges, various rooms (that can be bought for the coins you receive for successful mission completion), and small video scenes (they are also available for purchasing). So make sure to gather as many coins as you can to enjoy all the possible bonuses this game has to present. Currently, Ultimate Custom Night is available for free download on Steam.