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The bear wearing a bowtie, hat, & a mic is Toy Freddy, a central antagonist of the Ultimate Custom Night. His body is brown, his cheeks are red and his blue eyes are missing at the moment Freddy is ready for an attack. He has black freckles on his nose and two dentures on the top and bottom of his mouth. Regularly, Freddy is away in another room, enjoying a video game called Five Nights with Mr. Hugs. Toy Freddy likes playing games, but he fails and loses oftentimes. By the way, if he does, then he will get a revenge and you are his victim.
Make sure to keep an eye on the camera situated in the service room to know what Freddy is doing there. You should help Freddy play his game as long as possible to prevent Freddy’s anger. In the Five Nights with Mr. Hugs you will see doors that lead to a room but they cannot be shut at the same time. Look at the bear’s monitors to close the necessary one and avoid Mr. Hugs’ visit. Remember, if you take a look at the screen of Freddy’s and a sign “Game Over” will be displayed, it means that he has already lost to Mr. Hugs. This is too bad, because from that moment he will be on his way to reach you. Once he has been scared by Hugs, nothing can stop him and there is no way you can save your life.