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FNaF 8

If you think that animatronic monsters are never too much, then you didn’t try playing the brand new horror game Ultimate Custom Night, the latest part of FNAF 8, the famous series about creepy robot monsters. The plot is pretty much the same as it was in the previous FNAF games. You are stuck in the office room without any weapons and have to keep an eye on the doors, ventilations and other holes that lead to your place because the animatronics are right here to reach you. Despite the fact that you are already frightened to death, those creepy monsters don’t stop bothering you. In the previous parts of the game, there was just a couple of monsters, however, the Ultimate Custom Night has 50 of them. Plus, all the settings are customizable, so you are the one to decide how smart and dangerous your enemies will be.

Be careful when adjusting the difficulty settings. It is obvious that the higher the level, the more invincible these monsters become. Find your own recipe of mixing animatronics to keep the game thrilling but possible to cope with. To have an advantage over the monsters, make sure to earn as much scores as possible and spent them to purchase helpful tools. Also, at the beginning of the game, the monsters are scratching at the door lazily, but soon they will bunch and strike more aggressively. Find the way to pass the level as fast as you can to avoid their exasperation. If you do, you will receive prizes and bonuses.