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FNAF 7 Ultimate Custom Night

If you agree that customizing your own nightmare and then trying to deal with it is a great idea for a video game, then you should try Ultimate Custom Night, a new game from the famous Five Nights at Freddy’s series. This one is a classical horror game with a plenty of original animatronics and other amazing features such as voice acting and hidden scenes.

When you start, there is a set of 50 characters you may choose to compete with. The best thing is that you can create a mix of those characters to your taste. Combining attributes and traits of different monsters, you may create an endless amount of them. Also, it is you to decide how easy or how complicated it will be to avoid their attacks. This idea of complete customization is something that makes the FNAF series unique and extremely popular among horror fans. The levels of complexity scale are 0-20 and this determines how dangerous and complicated an enemy will be to escape as well as how many points you are going to get for defeating them. The plot is simple – you are stuck in the office room all alone late at night and strange things begin to occur. Your main aim is to look around attentively and track all the objects in the room, especially those that can serve as an entrance for the monsters. Usually they come in through the doors, ventilation, and other fairways all in sudden. If you are able to give them all a pinch, then your level grows and you receive scores.

Like all the other parts of FNAF, Ultimate Custom Night is a Scott Cawthon’s project and the last game in this franchise. In general, there are sixteen challenges full of different monsters you will have to face. Also, there are unlockable scenes and room skins in the game. When you receive enough points, you get an access to the short videos drawn in the anime style. The graphics of Ultimate Custom Night will catch your fancy if you like the cartoon-like creepy animation that obviously refers to the Asian multiplication. If you didn’t see the trailer of this game yet, then make sure to give yourself a treat. You will definitely love this title if you are a fan of well thought-out and charming monsters. Now, Ultimate Custom Night can be downloaded from Steam for free, so hurry up and get it!