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FNAF 7 Minecraft

The final title of the well-known FNAF series Ultimate Custom Night in minecraft mode is an amazing horror-game full of dark mysteries. On the first gaze, it may seem like a regular small game, but once you dig deeper into it, you will see that a myriad of questions will arise. What kind of a world is that? What do the characters’ creepy talks mean? And the most intriguing: who is the person at the office desk?

At the Ultimate Custom Night, you have a fifty animatronic monsters and four rooms to choose from. The rooms are just the same you have already seen in the previous FNAF series. So what’s the trick of the same office you appear in from one game to another? The animatronics’ dialogues may give a clue. For instance, one of them wonders if it is he trapped in this room or a player and concludes that they both are. There are more nightmarish phrases that invite you to “taste death again and again” or ensure you that this will never end. So can we suppose that a player is trapped in nightmarish reality, where he is doomed to experience death eternally? This idea correlates with the 6th part of FNAF where William Afton’s friend Henry says that he will be sent to hell. If the role of William can be assumed, then the game might take place in hell. This thought is one of the most accepted among the FNAF fans today. As we know from the previous parts, William was a serial killer guilty for the deaths of many kids (including Henry’s child). Is this a punishment for his sins? Also, a number of animatronics repeat the same phrase “the one you shouldn’t have killed” and promise that William will experience this torture forever. According to the FNAF Survival Logbook, Golden Freddy (one of the victims) is an entity possessed by Vengeful Spirit, which appears in the Ultimate Night in the form of female voice only. It is supposed that the Spirit have created this reality to get a revenge for William’s evil deeds. And every time a player launches the game, the punishment goes on and on, so neither William nor the Spirit will ever find peace.