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The 7th part of FNAF series called Ultimate Custom Night was launched on the 27th of June, 2018. In this game, you will face a lot of scary animatronic characters that are going to chase you in the lonely room at night. There are 50 characters available and a plenty of customizable options in the title. It means that you may intermix them in any imaginable way and establish the difficulty level on your own. Keep an eye on the ventilation and doors because the enemies might appear at any moment.

The author of this game has prepared a deal of challenges and tools for you. Besides, there are amazing features such as professional voice acting, secret room skins, and unlockable cut scenes. As for the locations, there are Sister Location Office, Fazbear’s Fright Office, and Bedroom. All of them are already familiar to you if you have been playing the games from the FNAF series before. There you will meet such monsters as Egg Baby, Circus Baby, Bonnie, and other characters, including Freddy himself. When choosing a character for your next game session, you will see that there is an exception for eight of them – Deedee and her progeny. You are free to set the enemies to your liking and see the descriptions of them in checkboxes. Actually, there are no initial settings in Ultimate Custom Night and everything is completely changeable. The difficulty level for every character varies from 0 to 20. The higher the difficulty, the more points you receive. The most successful mixing strategy is choosing the biggest amount of characters you can defeat and putting them all together while refusing from those characters you cannot manage with. This will allow you to get the highest score possible.