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All horror games fans were waiting for this and finally Ultimate Custom Night has been published. This is a continuation of Five Nights at Freddy’s, a breathtaking series of games about animatronics that are trying to reach you in the night. This title has a customizable gameplay and a variety of new characters from all previous parts. A player can choose the enemies from 50 creatures to spend a horrifying night with. By the way, you can also change them and mix among each other. Every character has a level of difficulty from 0 to 20 which is also customizable. During a game, all you have is a monitor, doors and air holes to watch them carefully. You cannot just close them all at a time, therefore animatronics will try to find a way into your room and frighten you to death. If you are already familiar with FNAF, then Ultimate Custom Night will surely impress you with its superb graphics, amazing voice acting, mysteriousness and real tension is in the air.