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50/20 Mode Complete

A brand new game in the FNAF series is called Ultimate Custom Night and it really is a fully-customized mixture if everything you like in this franchise. In this game you are going to stay alone in the office room at night trying to avoid the attacks of hostile animatronic creatures. There are 50 characters from all previous parts of Five Nights at Freddy’s to choose from and what is more – you are encouraged to match them in all ways to create even more characters to your liking. This makes the number of options near to endless, since you may set not only the way characters look but also the difficulty levels (from 0 to 20). Therefore, you can mix the animatronics and experiment with various complexity levels. Most players prefer to follow their strategy of complexity, mixing those monsters they can easily deal with and avoiding those who are too strong. This makes the game experience significantly more enjoyable, since your chances for survival grow if you decide so. Once you are done with creating a monster, you will jump into the action. Make sure to be super attentive and watch the doors and air vents which lead to the room you are in! The animatronics will try to sneak into the room and attack you. The only way to escape their onset is to notice them just at the moment they appear.

There are helpful tools that will assist you during the game. The tools include a music box, A/C, heater, generator, and more. But besides these tools there are also a deal of complicated challenges to master. Also, you will have to learn how to use the laser traps, gather coins, buy useful objects, and keep an eye on the environment, of course. As for the challenges, there are 16 of them in the menu, so you have a really wide choice. You will be fascinated by the voice acting which returns your familiar favorites to the game and brings the new ones. There are unlockable features like additional room skins and animated cut scenes. Get enough points while you play to see them all! We bet that you will be excited by the level of customization and amazing graphics you will find in Ultimate Custom Night, so download this title and start the adventure!